Monday, September 17, 2012

I just wanted someone I could walk at night with

I just wanted someone who could teach me how to sing the blues in key

I just wanted someone to stop me from walking into traffic

I just wanted someone so I would not punch out the power line box with a knife

But it’s too late because I brought a monster home who poisoned the well damaged the marrow

I am not trusted that I won’t bring back a demon to the lair once more

If people you knew as a child, were indifferent to you, then another year hated you, and then another would wave hi to you,

 Ask you why you’re so ugly, ask you why does your father come get you, and ask you, how come you never smile

Isn’t that person going to be better off alone?

Better that the computer light never goes out

And that you do not have anyone who would care that you finally got your ears re-pierced

That when you sat in the chair you were relieved it was a needle for thread that you did not need to be numbed only given a one second warning

Knowing it was not going to be painful, it was soon going to heal with a lovely and shameless scar, no one knowing you is invested in such a memory

You just wanted someone to speak late at night with that would not make you feel they could steal everything from you

That if you got too close they would corrode you or the person only let you talk so they might be closer to an opportunity to take off your flesh

There is the last one

There is the right one

And I will never know either