Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why did you want to be together when I’d reiterate nightly, angrily, softly, weekly harshly that I experienced centuries since your last touch?
Did you expect me awake on my back in the dark my mind at peace in bed smiling because you hoped I was content in a net sought in your arms?
I have never once bound my hands to escape those I have loved before you
I’ll let my inner world crack before I dare to let go and still I’m hesitate
But when I’m gone don’t expect my breath in the air
You won’t find a ghost laid out in an eggshell in the fridge but those are my strands of air in the sink and underneath the carpet
My echo erases those moments of memory you use to recite for me
I’m out
I’m a rat in the streets scrambling to another nest till I find someone else I can share my long time on the planet with
Outliving the most beautiful is what everyone dreams of
And I realized that I was not the most beautiful