Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blood is an unmanageable mark to cleanse 
With blood come ghosts
Ghosts frequent 
Blood is hard on the knees
On the bed
In my chemicals
In my house
I need the soles of my feet to breathe
Blood is a hard mark to wash out
Stay in all day and it rains
Open the stain to an outflow
It kisses a silhouette
Unseen and invisible
Blood is my shadow
I can bring you in my house
But the weather tells me it will rain all day there
This coming week I’ll pull out the weeds and the cobwebs
And I’ll clean the psyche out
Don’t come prepared if you want to sleep in my head
Under small blue and white flower pattern covers crawl into bed
Be ready to breathe with me
I don’t need a basis to start bleeding
Blood can’t wash the dishes
Can’t clean the clothes 
Can’t unsoak the carpet
Can’t become nighttime of stars
I can’t wash away the ghost in my stain
The ghost has given up
Blood is a hard mark to wash free
Impossible to breathe
In my house it resumes to rain
More of a difference, more of the same
The coming week I prepare my psyche to be ready
Nobody will know if I am an invisible shadow
Blood will never drown
I let my ghost stain the nighttime
Under my breath I long for the mark of a star.

1/25/05 Wed.