Friday, September 25, 2015

She's six months clean.

In one day
In an hour and a half
I will have five months.
A clean slate 
You learn to bite your tongue
You end up burning your palette.

How about a fire burning throughout
A few years of landscape
Through my life.
I thought I could have some peace
At the end of the end of the war.

When will this not be a war?

There has always been a cameraman
In the corner of my eye
In the universe 
He has invisibility from all four corners.

I'll finally unbutton my shirt
Pull down my clothes
You'll go into me
You'll watch me crawl
Onto the nails in my floors.

At least the roof won't be falling
My palette roof stings,

In my bed you might learn to understand
Why I have never been anyone's best friend.
I don't know why you want to shower with me
I have done my part in leaving 
The ones I love more hurt.

I feel so defeated 
So old
Not many left
That remain kind to me.

In the universe
He has invisibility in all four corners.