Sunday, October 25, 2015

"I've been searching for you since I was seventeen years old."
I couldn't believe he dreamed of people who were everyday runners jumping out the window of buildings but his compassion lacks. 
"You are my maternal wound and I will hold you till your blood is milk and I will cleanse myself with your sleep till you wash away."
He is a good man to everyone who he doesn't have to get to know.
I say, "Your the abnormal one and don't think that the majority wouldn't agree."
But I believe even if they all know I am right they'll be on his side like time under colored glass.
Who cares about the mystery when the person is willing to do anything you need?
Baby bird did he find you or were you cut from the tree?
The happiest looking child does not grow up to be his mother's beloved.
He goes across the ocean and spends nights in dark haunts one story buries into another.
He tries to tell me his story is not important.
Who cares about mystery when he punishes you like a mother.
I wonder when will I ever love the right person.