Saturday, November 14, 2015

Slept through serpents, 
prophecies at the end of the world, 
if heartbreak makes you whole pour the turpentine half full, 
heartache keeps me human,
heartache cannot melt me into anything more human, 
becoming dangerous is a full time paranoia.
If I stopped talking would their be people helping me out of my bed or thrusting me under the covers?
It is not paranormal for me to be on a rope gazing past the end of the world.
I am much meaner than you would like to believe.
I am only concerned about my tears and rapport with others, picture me as if I turned you inside and hollow.
Please confirm the following; 
being in the right skin means not always knowing yourself as well as you would like to?
For now the end of the world gazes right pass me.
I am not part of its prophecy.