Friday, August 14, 2015

Do night owls travel in death?

Only recently,
I have started to sleep naked.

In the beginning of my life
you slept naked all the time.
The sleeping mask that let
no creaks of light pass through.
I was told you could only sleep
in pitch blackness.
Once or twice 
I tried the mask on.
I never got use to such darkness.
Night owl tucked away from the dawn,
when the moon rises it is okay
to exist again.
Put me and you together
the world seemed to travel through infinity.
I stood close to dreams.
We could glimpse into the universe
without fear,
but when the earth is shattering
your mind has numbed
I learn your never going to wake up again.
Who could have known or foreseen?

The times I sleep bare now
are the times I sleep most peacefully
but still I can feel the earth shatter
my mind is illogical of your death
my mind prefers, I prefer,
The night owl stays tucked away
under a sleeping mask,
in a darkness I never got use to.
Though unseen at times
the moon is always in existence.
It is okay to exist again.
The night owl stays close
as I sleep bare and peaceful.
Death never seems to fully remove 
creatures that can fly in
pitch blackness.

I could never get use to such darkness.