Friday, October 2, 2015

my mind was finally at rest, I reconnected, it was I had always longed for
I thought I had them all in my corner again, I thought I finally had them back
that through all these lonesome years, I found them, they came back to me
but as all things it was only temporary, but I'm still at peace
it took many years, My mind finally could stop racing madly obsessively
I was at rest, I never was restless again about that past
it went to bed, I have no longing, no craving, to go searching, to wake it up again
I will always cherish and love you all, Farewell
I can't go back, I am no longer a resident, I am the present, I am looking forward
though I look back, I'm no longer in longing, no longer in mourning
Thank you for being such a part of who I am, who I became, I can love you all the same even if from afar, my love is all the same, let me live in my dreams alone